7 Children’s Books on Indian Freedom Struggle

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National Holidays are a great time to teach children about our glorious country and instils pride & patriotism in your children. Rather than treating these days as just another holiday, we all should make an effort to educate our children about the sacrifices great men and women made for our independence.

Books on Indian Freedom Struggle

We are blessed to have a diverse country like India where people from different beliefs live together. We must teach our children to accept differences of opinions, culture and beliefs. It is important that our children understand this and treat humanity as a religion if we wish for a peaceful world.

The uniqueness of our country is exemplary. To really understand the Indian spirit, we need understand and appreciate our past . One way to do this is through reading books on Indian History and Freedom struggle.

Our children should not wait for the curriculum to give them a brief of their glorious past. These books on Indian Freedom Struggle are excellent for children and help them understand our history without the pressure of mugging it up to clear a test.

7 Books on Indian Freedom Struggle

1.A Children’s History of India by Subhadra Sen Gupta: Love this book for its simplicity and illustrations. It manages to keep young readers interested without boring them with too much information.

2. A Flag A Song and A Pinch of Salt – Freedom Fighters of India by Subhadra Sen Gupta: Nothing breeds more respect and appreciation for the freedom than learning about the great sacrifices our freedom fighters made.

Books on Indian Freedom Struggle

3. We the Children of India by Leila Seth: The author is a former Chief Justice and gets down to children’s level to explain them about our constitution. Must read.

4. Saffron, White and Green by Subhadra Sen Gupta: This book takes children through the great, heroic Indian Freedom Struggle.

5. Amazing India: State by State Guide by Anita Vachharajani: Give your child a taste of Indian diversity with this lovely book. It takes you on a cultural ride across different states.

6. India at 70 – Snapshots Since Independence by Roshen Dalal: A great book that takes you through the journey of our fabulous nation post independence to what it is today.

7. A beautiful Lie by Irfan Master: This is story about friendship set against the backdrop of partition. A heart touching story, this one is quite a read even for adults.

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