At Curious caterpillars, it’s all about igniting and keeping the curiosity alive!

Children, by nature, are extremely curious creatures. They are fascinated in the minutest thing in existence on Earth. Every thing is exciting for them, it could be water or the glass in which the water is there. It could be a small swaying leaf on a tree, clouds, sky, your hair, eyes, your expressions, housefly, dust particle…what not. Curious Caterpillars aims to exploit the innate curiosity of children by educating them in the most fun and practical way, coming down to their level of understanding. In the current mad race of academic excellence, children loose their innate curiosity. Through our sessions and journals, we attempt to revive this streak, as we believe a curious mind is the seat of excellence.

We are also extremely passionate about Child Psychology and Early Brain Development. It is our firm belief that a healthy calm mind is foremost and most significant. Since early years offer a unique opportunity to shape a child’s mind, we work on providing the best insights to parents to shape a healthy happy personality.