Outdoor Brain Games For Children

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Outdoor Brain Games


We all want our children to be smart. That said, not all children are same. Some like to sit, listen and do worksheets while others just need to move and run around. Nevertheless, when it comes to firing up those neurons and making children smarter it ‘Nurture over Nature’ principle that rules. So you don’t really need to make your child sit and listen but what you need is the right approach with your high energy kid. Whichever bucket your child falls in, here are few brain building games that will surely make your kid smarter.


1. I Spy: This is a great game to improve listening and observation skills. To play this game, children really have to listen and connect the verbal instructions with their surroundings. What really awesome about this game is that it can be played anywhere- home or outdoors. Also try Tippi-Tippi-Tap with younger kids.


outdoor brain games2. Hide and Seek: This classical outdoor game puts many skills to use. It helps children think and connect the dots while relying on various external inputs. Observation, critical thinking, auditory and visual clues are few skills needed to play this game.


3. Treasure Hunt: Another game which is great at making connections, increasing the concentration and observation skills is Treasure Hunt. Children look out for specific items and the one who finds most in the end, is the winner. This game helps children look at usual things attentively while try to find articles on their list. For older kids, simple maps can be made where objects are hidden. This would aid their map reading skills.


outdoor brain games


4. Touchy Feely Bag: This game relies on the sense of touch and visualization. Children put their hand in a bag with their eyes closed and try to guess the object my manipulating it in their hands. Since this game does not rely on visual clues, it helps sharpen our sensory abilities and connect them with a mental picture. This requires concentration and good memory skills.


5. Pretend Play: A hands down winner when it comes to brain building activities. Pretend play gives players freedom to explore the idea whilst maintaining the rules. Not only it builds thinking and memory capabilities but also teaches children to be team players.


outdoor brain games


6. Obstacle Course: One of the most games, Obstacle Course builds physical and mental balance. It requires physical coordination along with logical analysis to keep up with the challenges. All you need is chalk and imagination.


7. Hopscotch: This is another great game for building coordination, memory and logical skills. Children need to remember their foot work and at the same time need to pick up their counters.


outdoor brain games


8. Repeat After Me: This game requires the players to do as asked, so children need to concentrate and be swift in their actions. The host keeps saying different actions like jump, clap, sit, jump, hop and so on. Children have to do the action following the sequence. A great energy guzzler, this one sets children into a laughter riot when someone misses their action.


These games are far from sit and solve brain games and teasers. The real premium of these brain games lies is the fact that they address the entire body and not just the brain.


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