I am a Computer Science Engineer with master’s degree in Finance. Going by my academics, I worked in the Investment sector in the initial phase of my career and was doing pretty well. As a hobby enthusiast, I was also a designer. But then motherhood happened and it changed the course of my career.

I could no longer afford 10 hours working days and it was goading me constantly since I was desperate to get back to my work schedule. Desperation to get back to work was definitely there but at the same time I was adoring every moment of my motherhood. I could not stop myself appreciating this miraculous beauty of nature, my child and how he is evolving every second. Gradually, even before I could fathom, educating and grooming my child, me and my husband as parents became my passion. I stepped up to step down at children’s level and started conducting workshops and making kits for our kin and friends. The kids enjoyed, loved and retained what we taught them and even before we could realize, Curious Caterpillars was born. Soon enough, we started workshops purely based on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) pedagogy, where we focus on project-based leanings.